3 set of clothes, a personal cosmetic bag, a universal adapter for my iPods, plus passport, credit card and some cash to top up the MRT pass. Within 15 minutes I finished packing and started rushing to the airport. My backpack was super light and I felt like I was going to downtown for a cup of coffee rather than flying to another country.

I guess after so many trips to Singapore since 2010, the anticipating feeling I always have before a journey is no longer there for this island.

It’s not that I have discovered every corner of the country then I get bored. On the contrary, I don’t usually go here and there but lazily spend most of the time sleeping in the hostel or reading books in the Dr. Lye’s clinic.

This realisation dawns on me when I am having having breakfast at O’Learys and the sandwiches suddenly become less tasty than normal. Somehow I feels sorry as I treat my second birthplace like a stupid husband takes his old wife for granted  (。•́︿•̀。)

Featured Image Credit: fransiskaolivia