It was 4pm and my energy all burnt out. I tried to cross one more thing out of my to-do list before going home then on my phone popped up a Facebook message from Jide – a friend whom I knew since 2013 but hadn’t talked to for quite several years:

“This Is Gold!!!”

With a screenshot taken from Spotify, showing my current listening song Archangel by Thomas Bergersen.

I laughed and immediately got what he meant. We both listened to Epic music!

Epic music is a relatively new term and when it comes to the concept of genre, not many people agree to the classification of it as a musical genre because it’s derived primarily from trailer music.

In the past, trailer music library companies only developed and licensed music exclusively to the motion picture studios, but due to the growing interest in the so called Epic music some companies have also started releasing public records.

Why do people consider this type of music “Epic”? I think simply because its cinematic and dramatic melodies always build up great climax. I usually listen to Epic music when I go for morning run or working as it makes me feel like I have super power ٩(。•ㅅ•。)و

Out of all companies that produce Epic music, Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell are my most favourites. But thanks to Jide now I know this Youtube channel so there are more to be discovered.