First Time Buying Concert Ticket From Ticketbis

Too busy doing the Annual Report for my AIESEC term, I missed the chance to witness BIGBANG‘s MADE world tour when the quintet made their way to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2015.

Later when the news about Big Bang military service enlistment (though unofficial) kept circulating around on the Internet, the fear of not seeing the full 5 members on stage rushed me to check their 2016 schedule and immediately book a flight to Osaka in August.

Well, I’ve been to many oversea concerts since 2010, however all of them were organised in SEA countries where I’m allowed to enter without a visa and the round-trip tickets are only a few hundred bucks. I do know that my personality is prone to impulsive actions and decisions. But I never expected the adrenaline rush to really send me thousand miles to the Japan and get me end up in spending thousand dollars there.


Big Bang during their MADE tour | Image Credit: YG Gallery

Anyway, after the flights were booked, to my frustration I found out that the concert tickets for 3 nights all got sold out. If it not were for Ticketbis (an online marketplace for selling and buying tickets), I would have wasted my time and money in Japan without being able to see the band. So the following review would serve as an act of gratitude towards their service.

Nowadays, there are quite many secondary ticket markets where people can resell their tickets to those in need. Ticketbis is one of them. Last May, this “serving fans across 4 continents” company was bought and integrated into Ebay’s StubHub.


Tickets for Big Bang 10th Anniversary Concert in Osaka were both advertised on Ticketbis and Viagogo for ¥29,000 on average. However, while the price of Ticketbis was already the final price with handling fee included, Viagogo’s price did not show its expensive booking fee of roughly 30% listed price until the last step of checkout process. Besides, when I asked the ticket to be delivered to my hostel in Osaka, Ticketbis simply provided a free postal delivery while Viagogo asked for another ¥600 for “Japan Post First-Class Simplified Registered Mail”.

While searching on the Internet, I also came across a Japanese site called Ticket Street ( This Tokyo startup was originally launched by a freelance engineer and was subsequently incorporated in August 2011. The Big Bang ticket prices listed on this platform were cheaper compared to Viagogo and Ticketbis, however there were two things that really scared me from making a purchase: the language barrier (Japanese) and the strange ticket attributes (“Fanclub”, “Female Name”…).

After several days of consideration (actually doing some background check on Ticketbis), I decided to put my trust in their service, created an account on the website and completed the booking for one tix.

The first email I received from Ticketbis was “Your purchase is on hold”, saying they were conducting verification for security reasons and that the process would normally take 24  -48 hours.

The second email I received was “Purchase confirmation”, saying the ticket was ready to be dispatched, and I should double check whether I had indicated the correct address for postal delivery.

The third email I received was sent from their Zendesk, asking if I could receive the ticket at Dormy Inn Umeda Higashi Hotel instead of Osaka Koma Guesthouse or not. Well Dormy Inn was indeed very near Nagai stadium therefore I accepted their suggestion.

The whole process happened in 3 days and my credit card was charged only after I had received the ticket and went to the concert. That’s Ticketbis policy to ensure the ticket is original and corresponds to the venue the buyer has chosen.

In the future of course I will not risk missing any concert selling date, but in case that happens it’s pretty clear who should I turn to for help.

Update: Recently I’ve moved to Sydney, Australia and in May 2017, I and my friends bought “Adele 25” concert tickets from Ticketbis, however here it operates as StubHub Australia and there’s a certain fee to pay.

Featured Image Credit: AnyArena

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  1. Hi! I have a question about your Bigbang tickets… Is it wiser for me to get it sent to my hotel or to my house in Australia? Is ticket bis reliable with their delivery dates?

    • Both options are fine, their policies guarantee tickets would be delivered on time for you. In my case, they sent it to the hotel in Japan three days before my arrival. Besides the staff kept in touch with me via email therefore I didn’t really feel nervous 😀

      • I have seen so many bad reviews about them but there was no other way to get tickets. I’m sorry about being very question-yyy. Did the tickets arrive on time for you? Or earlier? And how did you manage to get in contact with them via email. I’m sorry again. Thank you for the help fellow VIP.

        • Haha, never mind, I was super skeptical using their service at first too. My ticket was delivered 3 days prior to my arrival, the hotel reception kept it there for me and I only need to show my passport to get it from them. You can contact TicketBis staff at They are helpful and would address any concern you might have very quickly.

  2. Hi, I am planning on getting 2PM concert ticket from Ticketbis. Then I saw your blog while i am doing some review checking before going for it. It seems that your experience with the site is pretty smooth but I have seen quite a number of review sites saying things about Ticketbis is a fraud and some people never received their tickets.. I am kinda desperate about the concert but not sure if I should go for it..

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