I arrived in Melbourne in the 2nd week of December. The sunset at Avalon airport was beautiful and I managed to take a photo of it just seconds before the airport officer told me to stop using the phone.

The journey from Avalon airport to Southern Cross Station took around 50 minutes. Looking out from the bus, I saw a different side of Australia which was not as vibrant and lively as Sydney or Saigon.

Some conference delegates asked me “How do you like Melbourne?”, and I was like “So far I haven’t got to like it yet”. The weather dragged me down since the first day with cold breeze and light rain, then a sudden increase in temperature to 36-37 degrees several days later made me almost fainted when walking to the beach. Besides, I didn’t get to see much of the city as most of the time I was in either RMIT University or Don Bosco Campsite.

Yet there’s some hope in the food scene! The faci team took me to ShopHouse Kitchen – an Asian Eating House where I got to try Tom Yum fried rice (H13) and it was super yummy.

It’s just sad to know that the restaurant has no branch in Sydney (▰˘︹˘▰)