The Bucket List

Some years ago I had a list with 10-13 items, then for some reasons I stopped doing it. Yesterday after seeing the street artist Bleujin at Queen Victoria Building I got into a nice mood and stayed up all night writing down all the things I really want to do in the brief span of my life.

1. Jay Chou’s autograph
2. Adachi Mitsuru’s autograph
3. Attend Olympic Games
4. Attend World Cup
5. Attend Summer Koshien Championship
6. Attend a baseball match between Yomiuri Giants and Hanshin Tigers
7. Wear a yukata to a summer festival
8. Attend a concert in Tokyo Dome
9. Attend Super Bowl halftime show
10. Attend Victoria Secret show
11. See a NASA’s rocket launch
12. See total solar eclipse
13. See the northern lights
14. Join a 10-km marathon
15. Helicopter ride
16. Perform on the streets
17. Write a comic book
18. Compose a song
19. Fly around the world, first class
20. Cruise around the world
21. Convo in Korean
22. Convo in Japanese
23. Convo in Chinese
24. Convo in French
25. Play guitar the song “Spanish Romance” really well
26. Bake a super delicious cake
27. See “Swan Lake Ballet” in St.Petersburg
28. Climb Mount Fuji
29. Paint my own portrait
30. Learn to make a latte art
31. Make a ceramic teacup
32. Imagine Dragons concert
33. TFBOYS concert
34. Tomorrowland
35. Learn how to make Japanese ramen
36. Chase cherry blossom from Kyushu to Hokkaido
37. Christmas and New Year in New York
38. Gambling in casino
39. Get a tattoo
40. Trinh Cong Son music night
41. Attend Jay Chou Concert
42. Attend Jay Chou Concert again and again
43. Take the man I love to Jay Chou concert
44. Aomori Tanbo Art
45. A pro-camera
46. An instant camera
47. Visit “Initial D” filming location in Japan
48. Visit “Secret” filming location in Taiwan
49. Visit “Daisy” filming location in the Netherlands
50. Grow a plant with flower
51. Grow a plant with fruit
52. Solve rubik puzzle
53. Travel by hot air balloon in Loire Valley
54. Get married
55. Have a child
56. Learn illustration
57. Learn arduino
58. A master degree
59. Invite parents to my graduation
60. Go skiing
61. Join IDEO Tokyo
62. Visit Vietnam small towns
63. Visit the Most Beautiful Villages in Japan
65. Visit the Three Holy Mosques
66. Join Flower Parade in Van Gogh hometown (Zundert)
67. Visit Chopin’s hometown
68. Join Italy Carnival
69. Attend a US President Inauguration
70. New Year mid-night kiss
71. African Safari
72. Star-gazing date
73. A limo ride
74. Read in the world’s biggest library
75. Cosplay a manga character
76. Start a collection
77. Learn doing makeup
78. Visit Ba Dinh Square and President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum on 2/9
79. A Design Award
80. Backpack in Europe for at least a month
81. Publish something I’m proud of on Codepen
82. Type Vietnamese in TELEX
83. Monthly donation to a cause for at least 2 years
84. 90-sec plank
85. A travel tour for my parents in their Diamond Anniversary
86. Improve wine knowledge
87. Skydiving
88. Win a Go tournament
89. Make a wooden furniture
90. Eat Chongqing spicy hotpot in Chongqing

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  1. Cai so 71, hay lam ngay khi Ech con o day :))

    • Chắc là không kịp rồi, thôi vài ba năm nữa chúng mình giàu có Trâm với Ếch cùng nhau đi :))

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