TFBoys made their debut 3 years ago (in 2013). But it wasn’t until last Friday that I’ve got to know about the three members (they played some child roles in The Legend of Chusen) and become so addicted to their music.

Their songs have dominated my iPod playlist for the whole week and even Big Bang songs have to make way. Some of them are:

是你 (It’s You)
剩下的盛夏 (The Remaining Mid-summer)
青春修炼手册 (Manual of Youth)
宠爱 (Adore/ Beloved)
大梦想家 (Big Dreamer)

TFBoys have their own colours compared to many music bands. Their fresh and schoolboy image (without any heavy makeup) is what makes them stand out from the crowd. In TFBoys’ songs, you are not going to hear any complex digital music beat. Vocals is the only highlight therefore Roy Wang’s silvery voice (dulcet and clear) can immediately capture people’s heart.

They dance in some music videos and in live performances, but I don’t think those simple moves can be considered a proper dance choreography if they are compared to those of EXO or BTS.

Several days ago I watched a Youtube video called TFBoys 10 years, in which they inspired the youth by their stories of working hard and never giving up. As Karry put it, “The only shortcut to dream is determination”. If he decided to quit singing after failing almost every music competition, we wouldn’t be able to see such a strong influencer of youth whose a single Weibo post got up to 43 millions of shares.

For sure it’s hard to achieve huge success at young age, but it’s harder to grow up normally under the spotlight with constant attention and limited privacy in life. Usher had “Star Search” to launch Justin Bieber out of obscurity at age 13 and if you look at the Baby singer right now, he seems to lose all of his passions for music and the shutdown of his Instagram account on 15 August is an obvious evidence for that. As he chose a girl he knew for 2 days over millions of his hardcore fans.

Saying this might start some fan wars, but I have never liked EXO from the start while I do regret not knowing TFBoys sooner. Really hope they can successfully keep their 10-year promise, and that their music can inspire a generation just like what Jay Chou did.

Featured Image Credit: Jian