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Transforming Relationship Between People and Places

An interactive waterfall at the New Law Steps (The University of Sydney)

Humanising Trash Bins

Prototype of a trash bin that can recognise whether the waste is recyclable

Remaking the game Starship Shooter with ML5 PoseNet

A remake version of Starship Shooter game in which the players move their body to control the starship and use their voice command to shoot.

Fostering empathy in highly diverse postgraduate group work

Following design thinking process, we uncovered key problems of postgraduate group-work and came up with several ideas for solutions

Building Feedback Into Company Culture

A mobile application that can be integrated into daily work environment to effectively facilitate the process of giving and receiving feedback

Aussie Santa

A sound based, interactive algorithmic experience using p5.sound. Sound was used as an input to create audio-reactive designs.

Simulating The Four Seasons

A p5.js artwork depicting the transformation of a cherry blossom tree throughout four seasons

A self-report diary with TripView

My experience interacting with TripView application during a 12-day period

Interactive Prototyping with Framer

Experimenting Framer Classic and Framer X, an interactive prototyping tool created by ex-Facebookers Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk