Aussie Santa

Demo Video


It was an unusually hot Friday with the temperature rose to 37° Celcius (2 November). I was on the morning train to work and my Spotify shuffled to the song "Big Chief – Remastered" by Professor Longhair. At the moment I thought to myself "This song sounds just so familiar, I must have heard it somewhere before." Then I googled just to realize that "Big Chief" was sampled in the song "Knock 'Em Out" by Lily Allen. This song was one of 11 tracks in her debut album, which was released 12 years ago when I was still in high school (2006).

Then I went on to create this sound-based interactive algorithmic experience. The sound was used as an input to create audio-reactive designs. The movement of the sun and the ocean wave were both responsive to the amplitude level and the wave frequency of the sound. When the viewers applaud Santa Claus’s performance, heart icons will be flying on screen.

The project was relatively simple and built around p5.sound library. p5.Amplitude is used to get the current volume of the song and draw the circular shape of the sun. p5.FFT and FFT.waveform are used to analyze the frequency of the sound and draw the ocean waves. p5.AudioIn is used to get sound from the computer’s microphone and draw the flying heart icons.


Aussie Santa on OpenProcessing