Building Feedback Into Company Culture


To build feedback into the company's culture, the client ("Atlassian") plans to develop an application that can be integrated into the daily work environment to effectively facilitate giving and receiving feedback.

Through research and testing, we found that the users need guidance to effectively write and respond to feedback. When it comes to negative issues, it is important for both senders and receivers to have the psychological safety to express themselves. Besides, the users expect the solution to be well integrated into their workflow and analytically designed to support their personal and professional development.

We presented early-stage information architecture and wireframes to Jürgen Spangl, Atlassian Head of Design. The following feedback from him was incorporated in the final design:

  1. Figure out a way to discourage the use of anonymous feedback because its usage indicates the most significant issue in the team – the lack of trust.
  2. Negative feedback is hard to digest, there should be more focus on helping people navigating their emotions.


In this project, I worked together with Xingyu Liu and Shuting Cao. We conducted background research and devised concepts individually before synthesising our findings and ideas into a unified concept.

Initial Research & Proposal

Portfolio Entry (Gmail Integration)