Building Feedback Into Company Culture


To build feedback into the company’s culture, Atlassian plans to develop an application that can be integrated into the daily work environment to effectively facilitate the process of giving and receiving feedback.

The proposed design "Genie" helps users give and receive feedback effectively by providing contextual semantic guidance and learning resources. To promote the frequency of use, the app focused on human’s desire for growth.

We did not get to test the prototype with any user from Atlassian. However, we presented Genie’s information architecture and wireframes to Jürgen Spangl, Atlassian Head of Design on 21 September 2018. The following feedback from him was incorporated in the final design of Genie:

  1. Figure out a way to discourage the use of anonymous feedback because its usage indicates the most significant in the team – the lack of trust.
  2. Negative feedback is hard to digest, there should be more focus on helping people navigating their emotions to effectively receive the feedback.


Initial Research & Proposal

Getting the right design

Getting the design right

Portfolio Entry (Gmail Integration)