Reinventing How Retail Makes Decisions

About the company

HIVERY is a Data61/CSIRO and Coca-Cola backed AI company that’s reinventing how retail makes decisions. HIVERY captures the essence of retail at the most fundamental level, which includes key retail characteristics like channel, brand, campaign, asset, equipment type, product assortment, packaging, geography, demography, etc. to make product, price, and promotions recommendations that will deliver additional revenue and reduce costs.

UX Generalist

I joined HIVERY as the first in-house designer and therefore had the opportunities to work across many products. As a UX generalist, I was involved in all aspects of the design process from brainstorming, concept development, prototyping, detail design execution, and design stewardship.

I'd gained considerable experience working with different internal and external stakeholders in Australia, the United States, and Japan. Typically, I solicited design requirements by working together with end-users through to C-suite stakeholders and closely collaborated with the engineering and data science teams to derive innovative solutions.

The work is NDA-protected.