Reinventing How Retail Makes Decisions

About the company

HIVERY is a Data61/CSIRO and Coca-Cola backed company that's reinventing how retail makes decisions. The company applies artificial intelligence, operations research (or "applied mathematics") and design, specialising in the areas of vending, trade promotion and category management.

UX Generalist

As a UX generalist, I was involved in all aspects of the design process from user research, conceptual design, prototyping, design execution and design stewardship. For 3 years, I had gained considerable experience working with diverse internal and external stakeholders in Australia, the United States, and Japan. Typically, I solicited design requirements by working together with end-users through to C-suite stakeholders. To derive solutions, I closely collaborated with business development, engineering and data science teams.

Joining HIVERY as the first in-house designer, I had the opportunity to work across products of various stages. Later as the design team grew, I focused on HIVERY Enhance, an AI-powered application optimising product assortment for vending machine fleets.

Besides product development, I initiated several ad-hoc projects that were crucial for the entire product teams. These include developing a design system and creating design principles that help guide our decisions in conceiving, developing, and managing AI-based products.

The work at HIVERY is NDA-protected.


I left the company in February 2020 to pursue a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. Words do not suffice to express how grateful I am to all the colleagues I had the chance to learn from and the leadership team that empowered me to grow and contribute.