Transforming Relationship Between People and Places

Project Demo and Technical Implementation


The New Law Steps is a part of the New Law Building designed by Sydney-based architectural firm FJMT in 2009. Through site observation and user interviews, our team of three (I, Chancy Li, Jason Liu) learned that the plain color of the concrete, the lack of greeneries, and the absence of the unexpectation gradually disinterested the frequent passers-by.

To create a shift in the visitors' state of mind, we proposed the concept of a projection-based interactive waterfall: "You can notice a vivid waterfall from afar, hear the nature’s best white sound with relaxing music, even stepping into the water and parting it like Moses from the Bible did."

The project was showcased in MIDEA Pilot Lights 2019 exhibition (outdoor) on 31 May 2019, and in The Next Generation exhibition (indoor) from 4 – 14 June 2019.


Details of Technical Implementation