Transforming Relationship Between People and Places

Project Demo and Technical Implementation


Emerging technologies – such as augmented and virtual reality – propose new ways of approaching the built environment and the ways we interact with our surroundings and expand its cultural capital. The augmented city is a completely new form of user interface (UI) where experience (UX) goes beyond the digital realm.

In Semester 1 2019, the design brief of our studio project was "Designing a solution to support or redefine particular forms of social interactions in the precincts shortlisted by Campus Infrastructure Services (CIS)." Teaming up with Jason Liu and Chancy Li, we created a projector-based augmented reality installation named "Interactive Waterfall" at New Law School building. I shared responsibility in site research and concept development while taking the lead in technical implementation.

The project was showcased in MIDEA Pilot Lights 2019 exhibition (outdoor) on 31 May 2019, and in The Next Generation exhibition (indoor) from 4 – 14 June 2019.


Details of Technical Implementation