A self-report diary with TripView


TripView is a mobile phone application developed by TripView Pty Ltd. The application displays public transport timetable data provided by Transport NSW and enables users to plan their trips effectively. In this self-reporting diary, I wrote about my experience interacting with the TripView application for 12 days, starting from 9th August to 20th August 2018.

Diaries are used as a qualitative research method, aiming to capture the “little experiences of everyday life that fill most of our working time and occupy the vast majority of our conscious attention” (Wheeler & Reis 1991, p. 340). Doing a self-reporting diary, I was the object and the subject of the research. The diary examined my use of TripView in everyday situations. To take note, I mainly took screenshots of the application, quickly summarised the context, and wrote a detailed journal entry at the end of the day while the information was still fresh in my mind.

The following report documented 10 experiences in great detail, together with my reflective notes (Note: some experiences happened on the same day).


TripView 12-day Diary